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    Items in this give away are (not everything has a picture if you want a picture of an item let me know):

    • 1 Hello Kitty Notebook
    • 1 copy of Hello Kitty Dream Carnival (yes, it works on Windows 7)
    • 2 Pages of Hello Kitty and Friends stickers
    • 1 Hello Kitty and Friends photo frame
    • 1 Hello Kitty hair clip (never worn)
    • 2 Hello Kitty ribbons
    • 3 Hello Kitty Pez dispenser (2 Hello Kitty (one was a keychain),  1 My Melody)
    • 1 Kuromi makeup case (it’s a little dirty on the inside cause I used it as pencil cause, but I have cleaned it)
    • 1 Hello Kitty hair brush (never been used)
    • 1 Hello Kitty watch (one from Burger King)
    • 1 Hello Kitty and Friends poster
    • 1 roll of Hello Kitty drawing sheets
    • 1 copy of “How to Draw Hello Kitty and Her Friends”
    • 1 Hello Kitty tank top (Youth large, washed)
    • 1 Hello Kitty bath robe (Youth large, washed)
    • 1 SECRET PRIZE!!!!


    • You DO NOT have to follow me, but it is appreciated
    • Likes DO NOT count
    • Reblog as mush as you like
    • I can’t ship internationally so U.S and Canada only (Sorry :<)
    • Ask box MUST BE OPEN
    • If you win you have 7 days to respond or I will pick someone else
    • If not 18 + ask parents if its okay to give out address (I don’t want to upset any parents out there)
    • Give Away ends 7/1/2012 12am
    • Winner announced 7/2/12

    Winner will be chosen at random.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!!! :>

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    Posted: Sat June 2nd, 2012 at 2:27am
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